Welcome to Flingtoad Consulting

Your local linux system administration consulting company.

Flingtoad Consulting is based in Fresno, CA. We offer Linux system administration consulting services.

Why should you choose Flingtoad?

Our extensive experience deploying web applications using is well suited for a new start-up trying to get off the ground or for legacy projects moving to contemporary infrastructures.

Local on-site service

In addition to providing prompt remote services, we also offer on-site service in the Fresno, CA area.

Cloud savvy

We build reliable, scalable infrastructures using the leading cloud providers (Amazon AWS, Linode, Digital Ocean, OpenShift, etc.).

Security audits

Concerned about the security of your web server or web application? We'll perform a security audit and stand ready to make the necessary fixes.

Deployment consulting

We have hands-on experience building infrastructures with Apache, NGINX, Supervisor, systemd, UWSGI, gunicorn, Flask, Django, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Catalyst, Dancer, Node.js, Bower, Grunt, Gulp, Angular.js, Ansible, Rex, Fabric, CSF, iptables, and docker.

Speed optimization

Is your site/application feeling sluggish? We can help you optimize your application for speed and reliability by implementing a robust caching system, file compression, or even help you migrate your media/static files to a CDN.

Recently completed work

Staging site deployment on Linode, live site migration, HTTPS configuration


Staging/Production site deployment, optimization, and hardening


API compression and speed optimization


Three pricing schedules

Get the most for your money and convenience.


$ 80-120 /hr.

Hire us for as little at $80/hr for pre-arranged projects/durations or $120/hr for impromtu support.

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Fixed pricing

$ 300-500 /project.

Need routine, straighforward work? We'll migrate your existing project to a new provider or do your initial deployment at a fixed rate.

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Emergency Support

$ 1500 /month.

Need us to be available for emergency support, but don't need us performing regular maintenance? For a fixed rate, we can offer you emergency support for up to 4 hours per month at a reduced rate.

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The team that makes Flingtoad possible

A team of hard-working enthusiastic people who helped this product come to life.


Mike Oliver

I'm a philosopher/cognitive scientist that's decided that tech is a better industry than academia.

Flingtoad can do more!

We can help you get started using Linux in your existing infrastructure. Consider these great ways to get started reaping the benefits of open-source software.

01. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

We can design and build a directory service that can be used for centralized user management, authentication, and auditing using tools such as OpenLDAP and FreeIPA.

02. Workstation deployments

We can work with your existing IT team to deploy Linux workstations for your company. We have experience with a variety of distributions (CentOS, RHEL, OpenSUSE, Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, Slackware, etc.).

03. Version control systems

Running up against the limit of private repositories on your GitHub account? We'll deploy GitLab for you. Host that code locally! Have existing code that you want brought under version control? We can do that.

04. Backups

Everyone needs a robust, reliable backup system. You stand to lose a great deal if you don't have proper backups. We'll design and implement a backup solution. Our favorite solutions: duplicity, rsnapshot, attic.

05. Automation

We can make your team more efficients by automating many routine administration tasks using tools like fabric, rex, ansible, salt, puppet, and chef.

06. Linux training

Already have a linux-based infrastructure? We can train your team to make the best of it by applying our experience teaching in academia to linux training.

Feel free to contact us

Have a project you want us to help you with? Send us a few lines and we'll get back to you.